Patisserie Gout de Brioche


" Alain Abel vanilla  as  all the necessary qualities, because there is

a special attention at all levels.

 I love this vanilla very much, I use it a lot for pastry creams, ice creams, millefeuilles,

and also for salty dishes as sweet spicy sea bass   "


Guy Savoy



Chef patissier executif  JOEL ROBUCHON  


"Alain Abel Grand Crus Vanillas are exceptional, the best in the world.

He works with a passion for his profession and a great team.

I work in JOEL ROBUCHON restaurants in France and abroad.

I was offered vanilla from Madagascar, the smell bothers me, I do not like to work with.

I remain faithful to the vanilla from Tahiti.

I'm using it  for  all the sauces. Red fruit sauce for example is superb. "