Terms and Conditions





1/ Purpose 

The term “Client” designates the legal entity or individual person ordering products on www.tahiti-vanille.com. The term “products” designates any article, regardless of type, ordered by the Client, offered for sale on www.tahiti-vanille.com, in accordance with these general terms and conditions. This agreement concerning the products sold on the site www.tahiti-vanille.com is entered into by and between Tahiti Vanille, enrolled on the register of trades and companies of Papeete, and the Client, in the context of a remote sales system.

2/ Ordering on www.tahiti-vanille.com

Any order on www.tahiti-vanille.com assumes the Client's acceptance, without restriction or reservation, of these general terms and conditions, which are visible on all of the pages of the site using a hypertext link, and can be consulted at any time. On www.tahiti-vanille.com, the process of validation of orders, by entering data in succession, allows the Client to make any necessary changes before the final summary and definitive submission of the order. The final summary, which bears the number and date of the order, indicates the Client's acceptance of the general terms and conditions, and is the continuation of the entire text of said general terms and conditions. By clicking on the box provided for this purpose, the Client submits the order, accompanied by the general terms and conditions, to Tahiti Vanille©. This electronic transmission will constitute valid evidence of the Client’s acceptance of the general terms and conditions. As soon as the order is placed on line, and after the availability in stock of these products has been verified, the Client will receive, by e-mail or by fax, an acknowledgement from Tahiti Vanille confirming the submission of the order. Tahiti Vanille© reserves the right to not register a payment, and thus not to confirm an order, for any reason whatsoever, and more particularly in the case of supply difficulty, a problem with the order received or a conspicuous incident concerning the delivery to be made. The sale is not final until the Client receives confirmation of the order and pays the price in full, in the sense of article 3 hereinbelow. If the products are shipped before the price is paid in full, Tahiti Vanille© shall be entitled to obtain restitution of the products if it emerges that the client does not honour the complete payment of his or her order.

3/ Price - payment

The prices on the site www.tahiti-vanille.com are indicated in Euros. The VAT and various applicable fees depend on the circumstances of sale and the products. They are indicated on the acknowledgement of receipt of the order. Delivery charges are additional and depend on the place of delivery. The sales prices of the products are those in effect at the time of the order. The prices may vary according to exceptional events beyond the control of Tahiti Vanille, which reserves the right in these conditions to modify its rates according to these changes. The final amount of the order appears on the order summary, including a breakdown of VAT, excise taxes and delivery charges, as applicable. This amount is confirmed on the acknowledgement of receipt of the order. Purchases made on www.tahiti-vanille.com are payable by bank card via PAYBOX or PAYPAL. Payment on delivery is not possible. Credit card payments are made through PAYBOX. Each transaction between a Client and PayBox is encrypted. Bank information is not sent over the Internet as plain text. It is encrypted on the Client’s computer. No credit card numbers are stored at Tahiti Vanille©. The payment will not be considered final until the funds are actually collected by Tahiti Vanille©. If payment does not reach Tahiti Vanille© within eight days of the order, the order will be cancelled automatically.

4/ Returns – retraction time

In accordance with law, the client has a period of seven (7) business days in which to return the order in its original packaging, for exchange or refund, return delivery charges being at the client’s expense.

5/ Delivery 

Deliveries from www.tahiti-vanille.com are handled by Chronopost and La Poste for international and national transport of packages. If the client wishes to have the goods delivered on a particular day, he or she must indicate this in the message field of the order. Delivery is considered to have taken place when the product is made available to the Client by the shipper, as evidenced by the submission of a delivery slip signed by the Client. In the event of absence at the time of delivery, the delivery person will leave a notice of attempted delivery in the client’s mailbox.

6/ Acceptance 

The transfer of risks on the products takes place as soon as the products are submitted to the shipper by Tahiti Vanille©. Thus, the products travel at the Client’s risk. The Client is required to inspect the condition of the merchandise on arrival. The shipper may not object to the exercise of this right. In the event of damage, the Client must report this and ask the delivery person to record this expressly on the receipt before the Client signs the latter. Tahiti Vanille© must be informed of any dispute within 24 hours by mail, fax or e-mail. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide any supporting evidence of the problems reported. If the products delivered do not match in nature or quality the specifications indicated in the delivery slip, the client must, on pain of forfeiture, file his or her claim within eight (8) days of delivery.

7/ Limitation of responsibility – force majeure:

The products sold on the site are in compliance with legislation in effect in France. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify, under his or her own authority, that these products may be imported and consumed in the country of consumption. The photographs and graphics in support of the description of the products do not enter into the scope of the agreement, and are not legally binding on Tahiti Vanille©. The Client is solely responsible for the selection of the products, their conservation after delivery, and their use. The Client must not, in particular, consume the products beyond the expiration dates indicated on the label, nor if it appears that the products have deteriorated, including as a result of heat, transport or for any other reason. Under no circumstances shall Tahiti Vanille© be held responsible for any harm arising from this. In addition, Tahiti Vanille© shall not be held responsible for any non-performance due to force majeure, i.e., an event which is unforeseeable, external and uncontrollable, and which is beyond its control. These situations include, but are not limited to, the following: war, rioting, insurrection, interruption of transport or exportation, strike, lock-out, shortage, fire, earthquake, storm, flooding, etc.

8/ Settlement of disputes – applicable law

Disputes arising from the application of these general terms and conditions of sale are subject to French law and come under the jurisdiction of the commercial court of Papeete. Only the French-language version of this document shall be authoritative for their interpretation.




> Quality commitment.

Our teams share with our clients our skills in achieving quality: :

Controlling cultivation through late harvest of the fruit, thus guaranteeing the fullness of flavour of our Tahitian vanilla beans.

Controlling the natural, manual preparation of the vanilla, thus guaranteeing a hand-crafted character and impeccable quality, in accordance with the standards in effect. (Gold Medal at Concours Général Agricole Paris 2009 & 2008, 2007 )

Controlling the marketing of our vanillas and vanilla-based products at the European and worldwide scale by establishing a platform in Europe and a selection suited to service providers recognized among the best, making it possible to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Logistics to Serve the Client’s Needs

> Shipping :

Because we have facilities close to the Marseilles airport, all of our items can be delivered in France and abroad, without being subject to the three-week routing times for products coming out of French Polynesia.

Orders are prepared every day, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (excluding holidays).

To serve you better, Tahiti Vanille© has selected La Poste and Chronopost for national and international transport of your packages.

Chronopost and La Poste are the standard for transport and express and rapid delivery in France. This means that we can ensure rapid delivery to over 230 countries and territories, in one to ten days, depending on distance.

Along with our shipping partners, we provide special care: an elegant and refined presentation of the package, for a special surprise on arrival, merchandise packaged to ensure optimal protection and receipt in perfect condition, and respect of delivery times for the complete order.

> Package tracking :

Through the worldwide computer networks of Chronopost and La Poste (Colissimo), packages are identified and information transmitted in real time, from pick-up to delivery.

Delivery times: (according to the service provider chosen)
France: 24 to 48 hours
Europe: 1 to 6 days
Rest of the world: 2 to 10 days
Not including weekends and holidays

Your purchases are 100% secure :

Purchases on www.tahiti-vanille.com are insured and secured online.

Products can be ordered from the site in complete security. In fact, our insurer, Fia-Net, covers consumers against any fraudulent use of their cards, following a payment on the site, and offers legal protection in the event of commercial dispute. In addition, the security of payments is ensured by a renowned financial organization, PayBox, through the use of to its secure system. The on-line purchaser on our PayBox-equipped site is redirected to a page protected by PayBox.

Bank information and payment choices are encrypted and processed directly by specialized PayBox centers. The information is not accessible to the staff of the merchant site or internet users.

Information concerning the identity of the client and the content of his or her order will never be communicated to PayBox. PayBox confirms to the purchaser, via e-mail, the registration of his or her payment.

In addition, automatic insurance in the event of damage, as well as effective customer service, guarantee optimal security in delivery of the products.


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