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Pastry Chef  L'Auberge de L'Ill***

Marc Haeberlin



"Amazing vanilla from Tahiti, and surrounding islands,

 is distinguished from any point of view ... 


Visual approach: beautiful color black, shiny, generous, 

Touching:  flexible, thick, fresh, 

and of course, the Aroma: rich, suave, sweet and intense... 

Simply an exceptional and luxury product !!"




Bio Express


Born in Mulhouse, Christophe Fischer spent his childhood,

between the bakery of its parents in the Florival

and the'Hostellerie St Barnabas (1 macaron Michelin).

After an apprenticeship in the bakery in Colmar,

then in pastry with Mr Gilg in Munster, he was

graduate « Meilleur apprenti Pâtissier d' Alsace ».


He was 21 years old  when he integrate L’Auberge de L’ILL  (3 Michelin stars since 1967…) of Paul Haeberlin and obtains its master patent at  24 years old.


Now, today,  34 years later, it continues to'exercise his art as a pastry chef for Marc Haeberlin ....