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This rare, alcoholic extract, exquisitely-scented extract of 100% Tahitian vanilla, concentrated to 200 g/liter, is useful for preparing all types of desserts and essential for cold flavoring (without cooking).


Instructions for use :


English cream, ice cream, sorbets, pastry cream, cakes, pancakes, etc.


Suggestion :


you can use instead  vanilla extract  1 vanilla bean grand Cru Tahaa 



Fish with Tahitian Vanilla sauce



Ingredients (Serving Size : 4) :

4 fillets of seabass (Tuna or Mahi Mahi)

1 shallot

25 cl heavy cream


1 glass of dry white wine

1 tsp beef bouillon

2 tsp of vanilla extract (alcoohol)

Salt, pepper



· In a pan, lightly fry the fish fillets in butter until golden brown. Remove fish from pan and keep warm.

Lightly sauté shallots in pan with butter (without browning).

Next, add two teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Promptly add one teaspoon of beef bouillon and glass of white wine.

Stir until dissolved.

Slowly mix in cream, salt and pepper


Finally, add the already fried fish fillets into the cream sauce and sauté on a low flame for 3 to 4 minutes.

·Serve with hot (jasmine) rice


Suggestion :Enhance this delightful dish by serving with a Blackcurrant liqueur or Chardonnay wine.