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Dear friends, dears customers,



            HARVEST 2015 (Upgrade infos) :



The harvest campaign is about to finish. The volume of production in the islands is very small as we estimated : only 12 tonnes of raw vanilla beans which are making this harvest 2015 the smallest for more than 35 years with a volume 4 to 5 times less than a normal year…


Consequently, it will be more difficult to find Tahiti vanilla beans on the market this year. There has been a lot of competition for purchases during the official sales. Prices on fresh harvested vanilla beans , have increased to a record level never reached in vanilla history, with yesterday on the island of Huahine a price @ 118 EUR/kg (in comparison 45 euros> normal year).


Despite this staggering increase and thanks to the confidence of the farmers we have been able to buy more than half of the production which is for a large part still in preparation.


Our offerings are on the increase compared to the previous season (stock 2014 exhausted), but we are doing everything we can to contain at maximum this increase by always ensuring the best quality report /market price


The flowering current suggests that the 2016 crop will be more important in terms of volume, but it is of course far too soon to decide , because the phenomenon El Nino is back in the South Pacific with a risk of cyclones increased ...


Vanillement votre,

Alain ABEL

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