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Tahitian vanilla ice cream

Ingredients (Serving Size : 8) :


1 liter of unskimmed milk

1/2 liter of single cream

12 egg yolks

250 grs of sugar

6 vanilla pods Tahiti

if possible 12 grams of stabilizer for ice

(mirror,ice cream) and 120 grams of powder glucose



Mix up to whitening the yellow and the sugar.


Boil the milk five minutes in shivers before adding it the split and scratched vanilla pods.


Pour a little warm milk into the mixture sweetens and yellow may put back the whole in the pan .


Cook the whole to 82°c in other words when the mixture becomes coating.


Clear at once in a bowl then add the single cream. (If glucose it is then necessary to put it at the same time as the sugar and the stabilizer) leave maturer one night with the cool.


Cross in the strainere the next day and turbiner.