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Finally the beans are harvested by hand, bean after bean,

day after day, carefully and methodically.


Only fruit which has reached full maturity(dark brown color) is selected,

a selection process identical to that used with grapes for "Vendanges

Tardives  " and the “Sélections grains nobles” fines Alsace wines.


               This very late harvesting process, unique in Polynesia,
makes it possible to enhance the taste and aromatic qualities of Tahitian Vanilla.
This is why Alain Abel and his team consider it essential.

      In French Polynesia, the harvesting is made by farmers and is
performed when the fruit has reached its final size, yellow-brown color
and nine months after fertilization.
The sales  are governed by a territorial regulations
They are scheduled according to a timetable established
by the commission for the control of Mature vanillas, every month,
during the harvest season from March to september and by geographic areas.