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French Polynesia is located in the middle of the South Pacific. Has 7 h flight

from Los Angeles,5h of the New Zealand and they Hawaii

and 10h of the coasts of Chile. 


The territory is composed of 110 islands divided into 5 archipelagos:

the archipelago of society composed itself of the Windward Islands

and Leewards islands,Tuamotu and Gambier, the Marquesas islands,

and finally the archipelago Austral islands. 


On a area  as large as Europe.     





       Plantations are located on the leward islands of Raiatea,Tahaa and Huahine,

from a  short sail from Bora-Bora.    






Leeward Islands enjoys an exceptionally warm and humid climate,

cooled by the gentle breeze of the trade winds.





The vegetation is dense and luxurious, producing a rich soil favourable to orchids.