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This golden-yellow oil is the product of a harmonious mixture of Tahitian vanilla
and extra virgin, first-cold-press olive oil.

Instructions for use :

A wonderful flavor on seafood pasta dishes, salmon and tuna carpaccio, as well as on grilled fish or fish en papillote. A few drops in vinaigrette on field greens accompanied by Roquefort toast will delight the most sophisticated palates.

Suggestion :

This seasoned oil brings the perfect accent to fresh pastas, vegetables or seafood as well.



Vanilla olive oil fried eggs

Ingredients (Serving Size : 4) :

8 fresh eggs
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp vanilla olive oil
Salt, pepper


· Add sunflower oil to a non-stick fry pan

· Place the pan over a med/low flame and fry the eggs. Cover with lid.

· When eggs are cooked to your desire, pour one teaspoon of vanilla oil per serving over egg yolks

· Salt, pepper and serve immediately