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The primary quality of Vanilla X Tahitenis is that the vanilla bean does not burst

at maturity (unlike Vanilla Fragrans).


The bean is fleshier, more scented and filled with seeds.


(A similar comparison can be made between a sun-ripened fruit

and a fruit harvested before maturity.)    



        Its second asset lies in the specificity and delicacy of its flavour,

which confer on it a superior quality and place it

at the top of the line of fine vanillas on the world market.


       Finally, our distinctive, exclusive manual and completely natural preparation process

(no dehydration or steaming as with Vanilla Fragrans) mean that instead of

“breaking” the beans, all the nuance of the aromatic components,

some of which are exclusive to Vanilla X Tahitensis, can be developed.







Principal aromatic components of Vanilla Tahitensis:


    * > Alcohols: anisic, p-hydroxybenzyl alcohols

    * > Aldehydes: protocatechuic, anisic, p-hydroxybenzyl aldehydes

    * > Acids: protocatechuic, anisic, p-hydroxybenzyl acids

    * > Vanillin

    * > Heliotropin



      Vanilla of Tahiti is a rare flavouring.


Alain ABEL says :

"Tahiti Vanilla is in the Vanilla ...what Caviar is in... lumpfish roe." 


       The delicacy of its mesmerizing aroma, the supple and oily texture of the bean,

as well as its powerful flavour make it a product prized by individuals and businesses

including the greatest chefs and pastry chefs,

distributors of high-end food products,  and parfumiers from around the world,

who wish to offer their customers the very best.