Review of Christophe R on Tahiti vanilla 100 grams " Grand Cru Tahaa® "

Tahiti vanilla Grand Cru Tahaa 100g Tahiti vanilla 100 grams " Grand Cru Tahaa® "


Sachet of 3.53 oz  vanilla beans Tahiti Grand Cru Tahaa® 


Nett Weight : 3.53 oz / 100grs  


15/22 (+/-10%) vanilla beans ,depend on the lengh .


Size 12 TO 14 cm long




Shelflife 2 years



Our Premier "Grand Cru Tahaa® " Vanillas gradually release a fruity, smooth aromatic bouquet featuring sublime and delicate floral notes. Let your senses soar!


Suggested uses: Its aroma and flavor make vanilla a perfect addition to any savory dish (particularly fish and seafood) and truly delicious on fresh fruit in salads, preserves or coulis, etc.



Bon appétit !

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- Review added the Sunday 05 June 2016by Christophe R

Une fois de la plus, la qualité est au rendez-vous, c'est avec bonheur que nous cuisions cette EXCELLENTE vanille. Merci beaucoup !