Review of Maria BB on 4 fl oz Pure Tahiti Vanilla Extract 4 Fold

4 fl oz Pure Tahiti Vanilla Extract  4 Fold 4 fl oz Pure Tahiti Vanilla Extract 4 Fold

This rare, alcohol-free and dye-free, exquisitely-scented extract of 100% Tahitian vanilla, concentrated to 400 g/liter( 4 FOLD), is useful for preparing all types of desserts and essential for cold flavoring (without cooking).

Suggested uses: vanilla milkshakes, fresh fruit drinks (lemonades, etc.), coffee, tea, English cream, ice cream, bananas flambée, pastry cream, fruit salad, pancakes, flavoring commercially-bought plain yogurt, etc.

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- Review added the Tuesday 22 October 2019by Maria BB

Last time I bought Pure Tahiti Vanilla Extract 2 fold and was very pleased with the exelent quality. I therefore wanted to try the 4 fold and itsmells and tastes absolutely heavenly.

I must say, I am trouly greatfoul for finding you and to be able to buy your outstandingy good vanilla products and for your extremly fast dispatch and safe delivery of the goods. As vanilla is rather expensive I was a little worried the first time I ordered, but could follow the delivery all the way and got everything swiftly with in days of ordering and paying.