Review of n. NN on Tahitian Vanilla 2 vanilla beans "Grand Cru Raiatea® "

Tahitian vanilla beans grand cru Raiateav® 2 beans Tahitian Vanilla 2 vanilla beans "Grand Cru Raiatea® "

Printed glass tube long conservation  of 2  vanilla beans Tahiti Grand Cru Raiatea ® 


Nett Weight : 14 to 18 grs 


2 vanilla beans

Size 15 TO 17 cm long





Shelflife 2 years


- Cultivating the vanilla vines of "Grand cru Raiatea®"  Vanilla using plant compost made from coconut palms and coconuts produces long and fleshy beans with delicious caramel and anise flavors in a remarkable, smooth blend combining the tastes of plums and exotic fruits.


Suggested uses: perfect for preparing homemade ices creams and sorbets, and for creating unforgettable crème brûlée and caramel custards. Wonderful added to sugar, light rum or vodka.


Bon appétit !

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- Review added the Friday 20 November 2020by n. NN

I purchased a small amount of the three Tahitian varieties in order to compare all faculties properly. The Raiatea variety possesses a full body with more distinct sour aromas on an opaque basis. Its perfume moves swift but gradual as well, spreading comparably through the nose and leaving a long lasting soft sweetness.

Good for a broad range of dishes.