Review of Thomas S on Tahitian vanilla 3.53 oz "Grand Cru Bora Bora® "

Tahitian vanilla beans grand cru Bora Bora Tahitian vanilla 3.53 oz "Grand Cru Bora Bora® "

Sachet of  3,53 oz  vanilla beans Tahiti Grand Cru Bora Bora® 


Nett Weight : 3,53 oz


8/10  vanilla beans ,depend on the lengh 


Size 18 TO 21 cm long




3 stars ITQI 2016






GOLD MEDAL  2019 X 2


Shelflife 2 years


-This "Grand Cru Bora Bora®" releases the accents of rich tropical volcanic soil which always mingle in wonderful lengthens the sweet aromas of prunes, vanilla, licorice and chocolate. The ultimate vanilla ....

Suggested use: sublime both noble crustaceans such as lobster, any dessert with cream and fresh fruit.


Bon appétit !

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stars_5 - Review added the Friday 17 June 2011by Thomas S

WOW! As always - highest quality, on-time delivery. Have tried cheaper alternatives from eBay - don't make the same mistake. eBay vanilla from other suppliers is inferior to these beauty vanilla beans.