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     It was in 1848 that Admiral Hamelin imported Vanilla Aromatica plants to Tahiti.

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Late harvesting



Finally the beans are harvested by hand, bean after bean,

day after day, carefully and methodically.


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      Each year from July to September, farmers gives special... Read more





     To guarantee that the vanilla orchids, selected with care from deep in the forest,

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Why is terroir important?




For nearly ten years now, Alain ABEL and his team has been helping

to promote this rare flavouring for discerning consumers,

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Grand Cru Raiatea
Grand Cru Raiatea  




In the deep and fertile valley of Raiatea, not far from the famous marae

of Taputapuatea, the historical cradle of Maohi culture,... Read more

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Fresh tahitian vanilla duck
Fresh Tahitian vanilla duck Foie gras

Ingredients (Serving Size : 4) :

4 scallops of fresh Foie Gras
2 tbsp vanilla vinegar
1 ripe... Read more
Vanilla olive oil fried eggs
This golden-yellow oil is the product of a harmonious mixture of Tahitian vanilla
and extra virgin, first-cold-press olive oil.

Instructions for use :

A wonderful flavor on... Read more
Poultry liver salad with Tahitian vanilla vinegar
Poultry liver salad with Tahitian vanilla vinegar



Ingredients (Serving Size : 4) :


Dandelion leaves

300 gr fresh... Read more
Basic Custard sauce


Tahitian vanilla custard sauce








Ingredients (Serving Size : 6)... Read more
Tahitian vanilla Creme Brulée
Crème Brulée




4 Yellow of the egg

1 teaspoon of pure tahiti vanilla powder

40cl fresh cream

80grs... Read more
Tahitian Vanilla Flan


Tahitian Vanilla Flan




Ingredients (Serving Size : 6) :

1 liter of whole milk

6 eggs

2 tbsp of vanilla... Read more
Baked Papaya
The Tahitian vanilla bean is easy to use and can be used in all types of cuisine. For example, create delicious exotic sauces, desserts, pastries, sweets or even cocktails.... Read more
Fish in Tahitian vanilla sauce

This rare, alcoholic extract, exquisitely-scented extract of 100% Tahitian vanilla, concentrated to 200 g/liter, is useful for preparing all types of desserts and essential for cold... Read more