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Coeur de vanille Tahiti


Coeur de vanille  is exclusive "Vanille® Tahiti."product! It was developed in collaboration with Olivier Bajard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry World Champion trades dessert, International School of Pastry.


This product is amazing in aroma and taste: it restores 100% all the aromas of freshly prepared fat Tahiti vanilla and it allows the use of making a saving of 30 to 40% from beyond fresh suncured fat Tahiti vanilla beans.


The record presents itself as a very smooth dough to perfect and fine smell of freshly prepared Tahiti vanilla beans. Flavors are exceptional, both very powerful and exquisite delicate finesse.


Coeur de vanille  is used in replacement of the pods or extracts, for all  ice cream, English cream, hot milk, custard, whipped cream, panna cotta, pasta with pancakes , vanilla fillings, etc .. 

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