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Dear friends, dear customers,



          The harvest year 2014 just completed in Polynesia. The quality among our producers, is nice and

well to the appointment as last year. The specifications for quality well respected of our faithful farmers.


On the other hand, the volume of production has dropped dramatically from -30% for 2013 to 40% for 2014

(next to a normal production for 2012 > 50 tonnes of vanilla mures)

This drop is due in part to the massive regeneration of the plantations, especially in the Windward Islands,

as well as to strong and abundant precipitation during the last two wet seasons.


The demand is always growing on our vanillas top of range, this has led to a rise in prices very fast

among the farmers that we have however try to contain to an acceptable level and without

however achieving the levels of record prices of 2003.


This explains the increase of the price on Tahiti vanilla beans for two years.

This situation should persist even in 2015, although we expect a slight improvement in term of quantity

without neglecting however the increased risk of cyclones of the meteorological phenomenon El Nino ...


The production curve should be reversed gradually 2016 and completely in 2017 .Thanks to the program

of recovery and regeneration of vanilleraies, put in place by the local government for nearly a year.


A big part of our vanilles 2014 is still in preparation.

We are dependent on the time and the vagaries of our beautiful sunshine that this time be rare ...

And yes! It is not always a glorious sunshine in Polynesia!!


☺Again, thank you for your supports.

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