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Tahiti "Grand Cru Raiatea®" Vanilla Waffles



Ingrédients (Pour 10 Waffles) :


250 gr of whole milk

2 vanilla pods "Grand Cru Raiatea®" very fat....

200 gr of butter

240 gr of flour

1 pinch of salt

120 gr of whites d eggs

30 grs of sugar

For the sugar vanilla:

2 pods very dried for 300 gr of sugar,

(any very fine mixer and pass in the sieve).



Warm the milk and infuse it pods, melt the butter there.


Once cools is approximately 40 degrees overturn on the flour and the pinch of salt

by mixing to avoid the formation of lumps.


Beat white until stiff and finish with the sugar.


Mix both masses delicately not to make too much the whites fall again and leave at least three good hours

with the refrigerator before cooking them in a very warm waffle iron sprinkle with sugar vanilla,

accompany for the gourmands by a chocolate-brown sauce.


Bon Appétit